.NET Application Developement

.NET is a development framework that runs mainly on Microsoft Windows. It supports several programming languages and includes a large library of classes which allow language interoperability.

.NET offers a powerful, cohesive set of IDE tools for the development of both Windows and Web applications and provides both simplify and add flexibility to your complex applications. It also replaces the traditional COM model for building components on Windows platforms. .NET provides you with a scalable and powerful framework to programme upon.

This framework offers several advantages over the traditional software development frameworks.

Some of these are:
- Language Independence
- Simplified Development
- Interoperability
- Common Language Runtime Engine (CLR)
- Base Class Library
- Security and Portability

The framework also includes the Microsoft Framework Classes, the largest and most feature-rich set of ready-to-use classes Microsoft has ever released. The System classes, as they’re known, can be employed by any .NET application, meaning the code you write for your Website can just as easily be used within desktop applications or mobile devices. This in turn makes your developments far more productive, as writing for the Web can be just as simple as writing for the desktop.

.NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows and provides common functionality for those applications to run.

Devlease's .NET Expertise
Devlease with its strong .NET team offers you the unparallel advantage in terms of resource quality and technology expertise. We currently employ a large team of .NET developers with excellent project portfolios for both Indian and International clients for both Windows and Web platforms.

They come with strong and hands on expertise on C#, .NET framework, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS Access and SQL Server along with JavaScript and XML/XSL/XSLT services.

Our developers possess strong expertise of migrating your existing web based as well as desktop application to .NET and also converting your existing JAVA applications to the ASP.NET platform.

Devlease Advantage
If you need to Hire .NET developer from India, look no further.

- We have a large team of dedicated .NET developers with excellent technology expertise.
- All our developers are experienced between 2 – 7 years with robust hands-on experience and with impressive .NET applications portfolio – both windows and web based platforms.  In addition to their development expertise they also bring in strong consulting skills to help take advantage of the best consulting practices.
- Having expertise in developing large projects for international clients they are capable of handling complex assignment
- Before we finalize the services contract with you, we will share with you the detailed profile of the resources and arrange for a telephonic call with them to evaluate their skills. Once you are satisfied, the selected developer will be assigned to you for the project or period duration. However if you are still not satisfied with their work within first three days of the start of the assignment, Devlease will refund you the full amount paid by you with no-questions asked.
- Devlease also offers you the widest range of hiring plans to choose from – from yearly, monthly, weekly and hourly plans to align the development pace and to cut down your development cost.
- We also have a half-day (20 hrs a week) plan, which is ideal for small clients who are looking for adhoc support jobs or are in the initial requirement gathering or project planning stages and do not require a full day resource.
- All the source code, reselling and IP rights are with the clients.
- We can a sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client to protect their confidential and proprietary information.