Offshore Application Maintenance & Support

With its highly skilled engineering workforce, a stable political environment and significantly lower payroll cost, India offers an attractive offshore destination for the companies worldwide to shift their non-core support services. Most of the Fortune 500 companies have already moved a significant part of their IT back-office operations to India to leverage these advantages. 
With constantly evolving business requirements and ever increasing complexity in software development technologies, maintaining IT applications poses a big challenge for the small and medium enterprises (SME). Moreover with their small sizes and many competing business priorities, having their own dedicated application support teams will be overkill for these SMEs. 
Maintaining a dedicated application support team onshore involves not only a significant payroll cost for these SMEs but also requires regular investment on skill enchantment of their support team to keep them abreast with technology advancement. Besides in the absence of any staff redundancy available, attrition of the key support staff can be a serious risk to your business continuity plans. 
Recent advancements in cloud computing, virtualization and the reliability and lower cost of international voice and data communication technology have made offshore support an attractive option for these small enterprises. More and more CIOs are now realizing the importance of offshore application support model in their IT strategy - and the associated economy of scale to lower the cost of ownership of their IT application infrastructure thus increasing their ROI. Offshoring their business support services also enables them to reduce their business risk, allowing them to focus their energies on their core competencies and customer facing roles.
Devlease as a strategic business partner provides end-to-end application maintenance services to SMEs to support their business operations. Our highly experienced staff combined with our mature and robust delivery processes, ensures prompt response time with guaranteed service levels (SLA) for your critical applications with minimum application downtime. Besides with our expert team and the shared knowledge base, supporting older versions of application/technology is not a challenge anymore. 
Our engagement models include both dedicated support team and shared resource model - which is ideal for SMEs who have basic applications and do not need a full time resource. These shared resources can either work for fixed number of hours every day or can be made available on demand to support any contingency. Besides depending upon your needs we can customize our maintenance model to fit your requirement. 
Devlease’s technology expertise covers .NET, J2EE, Java, Open Source across Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL databases with specialization in both application and product maintenance.
Our application maintenance services include:
- Defect tracking and Resolution
- Software change requests
- Emergency patches, Minor/Major Releases and Version Upgrades 
- Performance testing and monitoring
- Quality Assurance
- System and User documentation
- Technology upgrade of the existing application
- Consultative approach to assist you on application upgrade or mobile and/or cloud migration
- Database backup and application related infrastructure support
- Augmenting you existing support team by building redundancy 
- Lower maintenance cost
- Frees up your key IT resources for more strategic initiatives/roles.
- Aligning your technology to the 
- Reducing the cost of training your resources
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